Do you know Natalyn Archibong? She’s a powerful candidate for Atlanta City Council, President.

Natalyn Archibong shared her news online with her friends, cohorts, constituency, family and Atlanta proper. Ok, bosses this is our turn to do our Due Diligence and get to know council member Archibong, Ms. Archibong has held her position for quite some time, let’s find out what she has been doing over on the eastside of Atlanta.

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City of Atlanta

Third term for former mayor Kasim Reed, maybe?

Here is a good read, former mayor Kasim Reed, is considering the position and I think he could get it. I met him a few weeks before his first run and Mary Norwood was his only opponent at the time. I knew, I could not give her my confidence, my vote, which I hold dear. By the time the event was over I knew Kasim Reed would have my vote, he exuded confidence, that may have been ego but Atlantans LOVE him and hated to see him go plus he has major swag and black and white Atlantans, love that about him and when we needed leadership Kasim Reed showed up stood up and let all who questioned know not to try it. Yes, we like him. Bosses, do your Due Diligence, here… don’t you want to know what the former mayor has been doing over the past four years? Is he still married, how old is his daughter, has COVID19 been a time a reflection, if he were to become mayor again what would he do differently??? Also refresh your memory of Mr. Reed’s track record as former mayor all information is public and certainly interesting. Please remember campaigns are interviews and We The People, are interviewing.


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  • Mayor Maynard H. Jackson, The Kingmaker.

Maynard Jackson ran for a third term and won. I am ready for the 2021 campaign season in Atlanta to heat up, it is always EXCITING, even when they lie, cheat, and steal their way into the job, which is the constituents’ fault for not doing our due diligence and selecting the most qualified person to represent us. If you don’t know, get to know Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Atlanta’s first black mayor.

If you did your Due Diligence, please share your thoughts about the candidate and possible candidate?

Midtown is proposing a green space over the Downtown Connector that could cost over $1 billion.

Supporters say it would sit above part of the Downtown Connector and span across 10 blocks.

Credit: MCP Foundation

The east side communities spent years planning and building concrete jungles and now they want to put a green space above it. Whoever thought of this is selfish, greedy and do not care that people are homeless, dying and hungry not to mention we have police on payroll that we pay and they kill black people. Can some great thought and time go into resolving that??? Let’s get real there is nothing about this project that will do anything to help us live better lives here in Atlanta. This is a big project that will make someone, rich. I have two words for this project, Piedmont Park.

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The American Society of Civil Engineers earlier this year gave Georgia a C+ on its 2019 infrastructure report card. Here’s the breakdown:

Aviation: B+

Bridges: C+

Dams: D

Drinking water: B-

Energy: B

Parks and recreation: C-

Ports: B-

Rail: B

Roads: C+

Schools: B

Solid waste: C

Stormwater: C-

Transit: D+

Wastewater: D+

The report card grade comes from a committee of 50 Georgia civil engineers using eight criteria: capacity, condition, funding, future need, operation and maintenance, public safety, resilience and innovation. A score of D equates to “poor, at risk.”

Ok Bosses, which of the elected/ hires do you think oversees this type of infrastructure projects as a requirement of the position for?

  1. Senators
  2. Congress
  3. House
  4. City Council
  5. Mayor

Please share your responses and let’s take the mystery out of these positions and how they should work for,
“We The People”.

The more we know and the better informed we are about political positions, the responsibilities of those positions, And the track records of the incumbent and candidates the process for voting will become much more discerning for us. and only then will we have safe and well maintained roads and infrastructure to travel to and from work on without feeling a need for a chiropractor and a mechanic. if we put the very best people in place who actually care about our quality of life.


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Celebrating Women in History, All Month…

What would this world be without little girls and then we become women, who we are not to be overlooked, treated sub- standard and when we make more money than our spouses then yes, he can stay home and reverse traditional duties because that is just a smart family move. Women are smart, savvy, forward thinkers, peacemakers, even if it is with a cookie and we get things done. Instagram has great short video’s #womenshistorymonth, we are doing great work in the world.

Kudo’s Lee Daniels for telling another great black story “United States vs. Billie Holiday”

Billie holiday and Lester “Prez” Young, were great collaborators.

@LeeDaniels retold the stories that I had heard about Billie Holiday and Lester Young and how they collaborated and adored each other. The friendship with actress Tallulah Bankhead, daughter of former Alabama Congressman for which Bankhead Hwy. in Atlanta now Hallowell was named. The story itself was just another of the unrelenting hate crimes against successful black people perpetrated by our government and we pay them to do it, that’s the kicker.

This is a must see, Andra Day, a play on Hoilday’, name was truly meant to play this role and has embodied Billie and all of the nuances of her singing style. The direction was really good, casting of some of Black Hollywood’s beloved young, old and up and coming all gave excellent performances. There are so many heart wrenching scenes and this is not anything like the 1972 Berry Gordy version which was more musical drama, this version is a bio -pic of the last few years of her life. Billie Holiday was a strong willed tough living, rough and tumble type of woman that did not allow men to push her around without getting pushed back, I admire her for that and loved the fact that Lady Day would not allow her music to be censored. Here is a good read, The LA Times article “What really happened when the FBI prosecuted Billie Holiday.

VP Check In…What is our Vice President up to.


02/26/2021 04:30 AM EST


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PR Professional Tools App Review for is a great PR tool for scheduling projects, group/ project management, time management and reminders for keeping you on track. I also like the page set up and it’s easy maneuverability, one page you can see all of the projects you have going and any pressing issues that need to be managed are always front and center on your screen. I am using the one month free trial and I really like it. I think Asana has cracked the code on great PR tools, this is how to really Boss Up.

Our local elections affect us more, than any other election,

Let’s get ready for local election 2021… The candidates have begun to announce their intentions and platforms for which they will campaign/ interview for the positions and “We The People” will need to begin the INTERVIEW process and begin our due diligence. We must research and refresh our memories of the service that the incumbents have performed in their positions that truly benefit the people. As well we must do the same for the newcomers on the scene. Here is a quick and fact based read from Saporta report, Municipal races key to mapping growth in your city, by Tammy Joyner,

Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms Photo courtesy of NBC News

Atlanta City Council President, Felicia Moore Photo courtesy of Vote Local

Artist and activist Alex Barella, Photo courtesy of

The candidates thus far are Mayor, Keisha Lance- Bottoms (the Incumbent) for a second term, city council president, Felicia Moore and Alex Barella, artist and activist (the candidates) for Mayor of Atlanta. Last mayoral election there were twenty candidates by the qualifying time period where candidates have to prove they have the constituency (that’s another word for us), we are our candidates Constituents, supporters, electors, future BOSSES… Anyone can run for mayor the qualifications are simple. But we want to hire- elect leaders, so we must be more discerning in our choices. We should not allow a candidate to even think about getting a vote from us unless they have served on their neighborhood association, participated in their community organizations, lead on their NPU, helped clean our streets with us, attended our school board meetings and hopefully served on their board and, or, too and stood up and out as a leader long before they announce a run for anything. Also that candidate would have built their constituency during her time of service and would already know that he was tracking to be our representative, that is how this should work. We have the training book for them, and we/ BOSSES never monitor nor mentor them through training, so we MUST become better at our jobs and let’s be clear managing our elected -hires is, Our Job… as Americans. So while the candidate’s interview, campaign, flood our yards and streets with abundant amounts of signage (which said candidates should be mandated to pick up a day or two after the election) and ask for our vote over the next nine months, I urge you to find out who these people truly are and vote the best person for the job.

I am excited to hear the plans and ideas that a strong leader has for Atlanta as always, the cream will rise to the top. As you know campaigns can be very contentious, eye opening and true. I never knew that my community partner, in my head Tip Harris@TI, had a serious problem with a piece of legislature that truly took a shot at Atlanta’s culture. Here’s a good read just in case you didn’t know, Rollingout article, TI slams candidate Moore by Michael Harris. Use perspective while researching and decision making. Just for the record that would have been a NO for me as well, candidate Moore and not a good fight in the A, all you had to do was watch John Lewis dance to Outkast to know that was not the move. That was the sound I listened to as drove across country relocating from California to Atlanta, I guess you can say that Southernplayerlistic, sound drove me here and within months I was saying “I appreciate you” instead of goodbye.


T.I. let Moore know how he felt about her plans on Instagram, posting, “Excuse me Mrs @feliciamooreatl but …Our Culture Runs This Town Ma’am

Reach Out, to your new Senators and tell them what you want…

Hello Bosses,

I know you all probably have this contact information but I wanted to be sure of it. You should also know that the Republicans are meeting and discussing who to pick off next and certainly creating more opportunities to subvert our vote. Senator Warnock stated” I’m proud that the very first bill I am cosponsoring in the U.S. Senate is the For the People Act, a pro-democracy reform bill that strengthens the Voting Rights Act and ensures every eligible voter can participate in our democracy. The For the People Act includes provisions to increase election security funding and expand vote-by-mail. It will stop bad actors from arbitrarily purging voter rolls, and help get dark money out of politics. This act will strengthen our democracy – plain and simple.”

Photo courtesy of FOX 5, Atlanta

Senator Jon Ossoff

Democrat- Georgia 825 B&C Hart Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Ph# 202-224-3521

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During the 1870s, more than a dozen African American men, many of whom had been born into slavery, were elected to the U.S. Congress. It was a period that ended all too quickly.

And these men were Republicans, this is some interesting history. I would love to know your thoughts on these representatives and how America continues to make the same mistakes and it’s all about race.

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Senator Raphael Warnock

Democrat- Georgia B40D Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510, Ph# 202-224-3643


Sonya Halpern

39th District Democrat- Atlanta Georgia Capitol Address
323-B CLOB
Atlanta , GA 30334
Office: (404) 463-1351

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