Civic Education is only taught in some US Schools…

And that is clearly Voter Suppression, so once again the elected/ hires put this in place to deprive people from voting and of course it is people of color because some schools do teach a vigorous curricula of Civics Education. Here is a good read with stats, measures and key factors,, The State of Civics Education
by Sarah Shapiro and Catherine Brown, go on to state “While this research highlights that no state currently provides sufficient and comprehensive civic education, there is reason to be optimistic that high-quality civics education can impact civic behavior.” and “Teaching Tolerance also funds school-level, classroom-level, and district-level projects that engage in youth development and encourage civics in action. Shapiro and Brown also stated “Few states provide service-learning opportunities or engage students in relevant project-based learning. In addition, few students are sufficiently prepared to pass the AP U.S. government exam.”


Voting is a Rites of Passage, all 18 year olds should look forward to this citizen action, but if schools do not teach it then they do not.

Typically I am not a big Rap fan but I understood everything that DJ Yellow, said… We must vote every election and vote the entire ballot, It all matters.

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Creating community partnerships is my talent, I discovered this character trait 12 years ago while I was working on a production for a community organization and needed items that we could not afford. So I began bartering and trading and from there I saw how I could partner others up to achieve the same outcomes.

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