Civics Education is a right but the United States chose not to provide a curriculum to schools with predominantly black students.

Voters suppression has been a practice of steady and constant knee on the necks of people of color and Civic Education is the #1 Voter Suppression tactic of all time. Here is a good read, The State of Civics Education by Sarah Shapiro and Catherine Brown, Shapiro and Brown state “some schools only require one course in Civics while some schools offer a wide curricula of Civics.” Few states provide service-learning opportunities or engage students in relevant project-based learning. In addition, few students are sufficiently prepared to pass the AP U.S. government exam.

I am not a big Rap fan but I understood everything DJ Yellow, said….

Voting is a Rites of Passage 18 year olds should look forward to, but if you are not taught, typically you do not vote. We The People can correct this wrong b demanding higher standards and a more vigorous Civics Education curriculum in all schools not just some.

Civics Education is a Right and vigorous instruction must be included in all public school curricula if we are to educate, inform and train our youth to lead.

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