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I know you all probably have this contact information but I wanted to be sure of it. You should also know that the Republicans are meeting and discussing who to pick off next and certainly creating more opportunities to subvert our vote. Senator Warnock stated” I’m proud that the very first bill I am cosponsoring in the U.S. Senate is the For the People Act, a pro-democracy reform bill that strengthens the Voting Rights Act and ensures every eligible voter can participate in our democracy. The For the People Act includes provisions to increase election security funding and expand vote-by-mail. It will stop bad actors from arbitrarily purging voter rolls, and help get dark money out of politics. This act will strengthen our democracy – plain and simple.”

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Senator Jon Ossoff

Democrat- Georgia 825 B&C Hart Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Ph# 202-224-3521

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During the 1870s, more than a dozen African American men, many of whom had been born into slavery, were elected to the U.S. Congress. It was a period that ended all too quickly.

And these men were Republicans, this is some interesting history. I would love to know your thoughts on these representatives and how America continues to make the same mistakes and it’s all about race.

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Senator Raphael Warnock

Democrat- Georgia B40D Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510, Ph# 202-224-3643


Sonya Halpern

39th District Democrat- Atlanta Georgia Capitol Address
323-B CLOB
Atlanta , GA 30334
Office: (404) 463-1351

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