Do you know Natalyn Archibong? She’s a powerful candidate for Atlanta City Council, President.

Natalyn Archibong shared her news online with her friends, cohorts, constituency, family and Atlanta proper. Ok, bosses this is our turn to do our Due Diligence and get to know council member Archibong, Ms. Archibong has held her position for quite some time, let’s find out what she has been doing over on the eastside of Atlanta.

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Third term for former mayor Kasim Reed, maybe?

Here is a good read, former mayor Kasim Reed, is considering the position and I think he could get it. I met him a few weeks before his first run and Mary Norwood was his only opponent at the time. I knew, I could not give her my confidence, my vote, which I hold dear. By the time the event was over I knew Kasim Reed would have my vote, he exuded confidence, that may have been ego but Atlantans LOVE him and hated to see him go plus he has major swag and black and white Atlantans, love that about him and when we needed leadership Kasim Reed showed up stood up and let all who questioned know not to try it. Yes, we like him. Bosses, do your Due Diligence, here… don’t you want to know what the former mayor has been doing over the past four years? Is he still married, how old is his daughter, has COVID19 been a time a reflection, if he were to become mayor again what would he do differently??? Also refresh your memory of Mr. Reed’s track record as former mayor all information is public and certainly interesting. Please remember campaigns are interviews and We The People, are interviewing.


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  • Mayor Maynard H. Jackson, The Kingmaker.

Maynard Jackson ran for a third term and won. I am ready for the 2021 campaign season in Atlanta to heat up, it is always EXCITING, even when they lie, cheat, and steal their way into the job, which is the constituents’ fault for not doing our due diligence and selecting the most qualified person to represent us. If you don’t know, get to know Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Atlanta’s first black mayor.

If you did your Due Diligence, please share your thoughts about the candidate and possible candidate?

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    1. Hi Jan, Politics in the south is hot and crazy and maybe more exciting than in the midwest. As you know Georgia is a Blue State now and with great spirited conversation and education, we can keep her this way but We The People must BOSS UP!


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