The Entire Ballot or the Bullet…

To not vote the entire ballot is like putting a bullet to our heads. We must learn to vote the entire ballot. On November’s ballot the Insurance Commissioner, is up for election, and they determine what our insurances and utilities costs will be and because communities of color are red lined and made to pay higher fees and costs for everything we must vote on these jobs and hire/ elect appropriately. Bosses, here is an area you must pay close attention and vote for who serves you best and can do the job better. Insurance and utility costs affect our funds and budgets daily and rarely ever go down in costs. As Bosses each of those candidates are applying for jobs and they have completed their interviews and now we must hire. The whole ballot must be accounted for we must do our due diligence on this matter as well. Please find out who is running and if you like them VOTE for them but never leave those boxes unchecked. There are many types of commissioners and we pay them a lot of money but we must also manage them too. There are many distractions for some of these elected/ hires like lobbyists and some elected/ hires are weak and can be bought which sells us out. So choosing the best and honest candidate should be high on our list of characteristics to look for in candidates. These ballots can be long and a little confusing but imperative to our everyday life that we choose these candidates wisely. Also pay attention to the Board of Education and Judge positions, all of these directly affect us more than government because these are lawmakers who create laws for our states, counties and cities.


Southwest Atlanta pays 9% higher cost for utilities simply because we are people of color and live in a predominantly Beautiful and Black AF community. Here is a little something to fortify your soul… Shout Out to Black Wall Street, 100 year anniversary of another hate filled tantrum put on by the KKK, facilitated by local government to SUPPRESS us … And still, we rise! Discover O.W. Gurley and the other serial entrepreneurs who built Black Wall Street.

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  1. Congratulations on the launch of your community blog/website…

    I think its absolutely amazing and you are as well.

    Keep up the great work of educating and involvement in our community.

    I will most definitely be sharing and spreading the word and if there’s anything I can do to assist, let me know🙏💜


    1. Hello Adriana, and thank you so much for being a good neighbor, great collaborator, and an AWESOME jewelry designer. I will create a space for entrepreneurs on my page please grace me with pictures of your beautiful work and contact information and a little blurb about your products. Oh, and let’s hit the Westside trail it’s pretty awesome.


  2. The link and homage post to those who have been dealt before but decided to draw instead. To know that some concepts slip through cracks or become niche due to cultural shifts. You are entering and logging thoughts/motives/actions means more than we could even know. I feel well informed after reading your articles and am excited for what is in store to come.

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