Bosses, The Interview Process Is Underway, See Who Wants To Work For Us, The Citizens Of Atlanta…

Candidates are filing paperwork to raise funds for their campaigns so that they can possibly work on our behalf. Now is the time to do your Due Diligence, due dil·i·gence (reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, a comprehensive appraisal to be undertaken by a prospective BOSS, especially to establish assets, liabilities and evaluate its potential.) Research the candidates one of the panels had a former business owner who ran his business into the ground and employed several tactics to keep him from making the clients that he fleeced whole again, and this is all public record. Another candidate for mayor was incapable of answering questions effectively and gave out names and phone numbers.

The Committee for a Better Atlanta, CBA hosted their annual Atlanta mayor, city council president and at large posts, forums which will deliver a report card on how well all candidates fared will come out soon. I attended this event in 2017 and was absolutely floored at how many candidates were UNQUALIFEID to do the job. But Atlanta seems to have about 750 votes that can win an unqualified candidate an election. I have often wondered if those are all senior votes. Kasim Reed, paid his campaign fees and formally announced his run for mayor after the CBA forum took place and immediately hosted a Birthday fundraiser in Buckhead this week.  Please click on the hyperlink above or below and watch this forum for yourself and make an educated plan to vote for the best candidate by not doing so Atlanta will continue to get what we have and presently this is not working, later BOSSES.

READ ME, FOLLOW ME AND RESPOND TO ME and let’s discuss building great communities from within.

…And Boss Up!

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Creating community partnerships is my talent, I discovered this character trait 12 years ago while I was working on a production for a community organization and needed items that we could not afford. So I began bartering and trading and from there I saw how I could partner others up to achieve the same outcomes.

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