Americans Will Choose New leadership In Three Months, Are You Getting Ready To Make Your Most Important City and State Decisions For The Next Four Years?

Hello, Bosses have you been behaving like Boss’s over the past few months by
reading about the candidates and asking yourself “can this person do that
job, can they represent me?”. If you have not, you have three months to
determine and cast your vote. If you are not ready, please do your Due
Diligence, the candidates have signs everywhere, some names I have never heard
of before, so I employ you to take a picture of the campaign signs of
candidates you have never heard of and google them, find out what they have
been doing check their social media and see how they have voted in their past
positions…That is our job as BOSS’s to manage our city, state and government.
I know that politicians make us seem small and as if they have all the power,
but they do not, WE THE PEOPLE, do but if we do not exercise our vote and do
not communicate with our representatives then they will use our power and often
it will not be in our favor.


Here is a good read, Politicians
Behaving Badly
, lengthy but deep dives into the psyche of politicians and
how intoxicating a position like this can be for people with big egos, low self-esteem,
poor self-control and easily swayed to go along to get along. These types of
appointments bring that mentality to the offices that are supposed to represent
us… DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE and find out about candidates and imcumbants before you give the the job/ your vote for four years.





The BOSS UP, Outdoor Civics Education Workshops are coming in August, Stay Tuned

The BOSS UP is a series of Civics Education Workshops taught in local community parks, in five counties surrounding Atlanta, Georgia A partnership with the Georgia Conservation Voters Fund and Thrive PR Atlanta, to teach Civics Education to the masses has begun. Learning how Democracy works gives citizens skin in the game and helps them to manage elected hires, share important government, state, city, and community information that builds great constituency.



Take a look at a history of poor political behavior by people that are paid to represent us…


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