We The People Must Boss Up, If We Really Want Change.

Calling all future presidents, mayors, governors, senators, members of Congress, city council, chiefs of staff, community leaders, public administrators, and regular citizens to BOSS UP… If every citizen invested 75 minutes a month into your community, city, state, and or government, America would function as a democracy. Citizens must BOSS UP and manage their elected hires, we must do our Due Diligence and use campaign seasons as a time to interview the candidates.

BOSS UP, Virtual Event, is a fortification and thank you to seasoned voters, and those who think civic engagement isn’t for you. We are going to keep it interactive, interesting and gives you some information you can use. DJ Ear Doctor & Guests will spin a couple of Old School New School dance contest.

Test your Civics Education knowledge with “Be About It, BOSS” Trivia… Bring your best game because BOSSES WIN PRIZES.

The first 50 attendees to register & sign-in will receive a Uber Eats code for free lunch & delivery. 

REGISTER today on the GCV website: https://www.gcvedfund.org/boss-up-with-gcv/

BOSS UP is a Civics Education workshop designed to give citizens skin in the game and an interesting and fascinating look at how democracy works so that we can better understand the three branches of the law, the system of checks and balances, and understand that every politician works for We The People and we simply need to BOSS UP and manage our elected hir



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On BOSS Up, Did you Attend?

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