Below Are The Scores Of The People Who Want To Represent Us.

Below are score cards from the Committee For A Better Atlanta, CBA.

Local elections are the most important to citizens because all of the elected hires determine how much taxpayers pay and how those funds will be spent. From mayors, city council, public service commissioners (I covered those guys last month) and court judges, all determine how much money we spend. Since so many people have interests in our dollars let’s put some focus on them. The CBA hosts several candidate forums throughout the spring and summer of local election years. This CBA score card is from the 2017 forums and clearly states who was QUALIFIED to do the job and who is UNQUALIFIED.

Here is are great research tools to do Due Diligence with and to help quell any thoughts about what prospective candidates and incumbents know the job they are applying for. Please acquaint yourself with the people who campaign for your vote so that you interview and choose representatives who will work on your behalf and not because you knew them as a child. Below is CBA’s score card for 2021 the scores are pretty amazing. I cannot deny I would like to see some of the very comfortable incumbents who don’t do a great job in their perspective communities become shook, for lack of a better word.

The score card above states that the District 11 representative did not participate, I watched the video and she did participate in the forum but her opponent did not, fast forward to 1:42:38, to see and hear from the district 11’s representative. I look forward to having great representation for southwest Atlanta but the writing is on the wall that we may continue to get what we have because of the apathy that is exercised in our communities by not doing due diligence and finding out who these people are and blindly giving votes to people who clearly do not deserve it.

Boss Up, here is a hint, if an incumbent is not meeting with their constituency on a regular basis to find out their wants and needs, they are not representing their constituents but rather collecting a paycheck on behalf of the citizens of Atlanta and that part time job, pays $60,300. Start grooming yourselves future Bosses, these city jobs require no experience, age requirement is 18 and if you love your community and Atlanta, please apply, we have a spot for you in 2025.

Score cards courtesy of the Committee For A Better Atlanta.


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