The People VS. Family Dollar. Neighbors, We Have A Court Date for Family Dollar, located at 2324 Cascade.

The court date is for October 25th, 2021 at 9:00 AM in courtroom 5A.

The residents of Cascade have a Court Watch, team in place and we need neighbors to join us in court to share every infraction that Family Dollar has committed in our community. Please share your pictures, interactions with employees and district managers of Family Dollar. We want to make our case that Family Dollar and all its inadequacies as a poorly managed business and community partner. Family Dollar’s presence has eroded our quality of life here in southwest Atlanta must be shared with the judge. For those who cannot attend and want their voices to be heard please write a “Victim Impact Statement” to be read in court. Typically, when a business does not follow the rules set in place by Code Enforcement a judge can monetarily fine that business every day for those infractions until it is resolved.

We are hoping for the most strenuous ruling against Family Dollar so that if they want to continue to do business in our community they will keep the parking lot and green spaces adjacent clean and litter-free and garbage dumpsters are not overfilled and picked up regularly and fencing always closed. The store must be kept clean and orderly and they cannot sell foods that have expired. Any damage to the store exterior windows doors lighting etc. must. Be repaired immediately and never become an eyesore to the community. Please join us with this community initiative by making our voices heard and send a message to Family Dollar that they cannot come into our community and do whatever they want, we pay all of their salaries, and We The People of SW Atlanta take great pride in our community.

Special Thank You, go out to The Hempire owner Cathleen Richardson who has proven to be a true community partner and neighbor for the business corridor. Ms. Richardson reached out to Marci Overstreet for a hand with this and she got code enforcement involved. Please create your document and title it “VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT” please share it here and bring to court on the 25th or one of your neighbors will read it on your behalf and please email it directly to me at

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Creating community partnerships is my talent, I discovered this character trait 12 years ago while I was working on a production for a community organization and needed items that we could not afford. So I began bartering and trading and from there I saw how I could partner others up to achieve the same outcomes.

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