Atlanta is set for a Runoff…

I wish only the top three candidates were allowed to forum and campaign for the last five weeks of an election/ interview season. Too many candidates in one race can be overwhelming and it splits the votes between too many which creates Runoffs. Runoffs are important and definitely a time to use your vote so make your decision and place your vote for the best person for the job. So here we are one week away from voting in new leadership.

The Andrew and Walter Young YMCA, located at 2220 Campbellton Rd. will host a mayoral forum for the two final candidates, Felicia Moore and Andre Dickerson and the margins are close. For a final look and opportunity to question the candidates in SW Atlanta a forum will be held tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 23rd.

District 11 BOSSES, Get ready for NPUR Atlanta.

On a great note, the neighbors of Neighborhood Planning Unit R, BOSSED UP in a serious way and removed the sitting executive committee with exception to the present chair at the annual November election and it was unanimous. This vote ushers in a new executive committee whom I know will bring young, intelligent, and thoughtful inclusion, of all as well as planning and implementation of the initiatives and quality of life issues that the previous committees could never do.

I have returned to serve as secretary which I did ten years ago and am pleased to do so again. Congratulations, to the NPU-R Atlanta, 2022 executive committee and I look forward to working with you all and the greatness that is about to explode in District 11.

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  1. The October 25th court date did not go as planned buildings dept. was there regarding window signage which FD has complied with and removed and for the ice freezer on the exterior of the building. This court case was not for the trash on the exterior of the building or any of the other community partner infractions that they commit, these are code enforcement issues and the complaint should have been made with that department. I think one of the major problems is the Cascade Business Association has not created any standards as to how the business corridor should be kept and so there are no rules to follow other than the city’s and they can take a lot of time to enforce.


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