Happy New Year Bosses!

This new year brings many new first times and opportunities for us as citizens, neighbors, and family of the United States of America. I wish for so many great things for our country but most of all I wish for citizens to BOSS UP and participate in our country and it’s democracy. I spent the past two months working with New Georgia Project (NGP) and to pull off “Party At The Polls” for three days my team of site supervisors, collected information from hundreds of Atlanta voters that spoke highly of the voting injustices that we as citizens have to face, re adjust to and deal with because BLACK PEOPLE voting is still not fully accepted in America. The surveys also told us that some were still apprehensive up until 7pm on election night and others were very proud to use their vote to state their intentions to hire elect a new beginning and change.

Now is an awesome time to acquaint yourselves with the new mayor, members of city council and Atlanta Public School board members and share your interests and concerns, remember they work for us. Also go ahead and plan your 2022 calendar to attend Atlanta city council and your NPU meetings three to four times per year or maybe every month now that they are all on ZOOM…

Here’s to a great new year and to thriving communities all over the world!

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Check out this video from “We The People” produced by the Obamas on Netflix.


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Creating community partnerships is my talent, I discovered this character trait 12 years ago while I was working on a production for a community organization and needed items that we could not afford. So I began bartering and trading and from there I saw how I could partner others up to achieve the same outcomes.

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