This is what real leadership looks like..

Atlanta City Council Member At Large Michael Julian Bond, hosts a community food giveaway every week throughout the city of Atlanta, he makes his constituents proud and helps them feed their families good and healthy meals, Thanks CM Bond, link to article and for food giveaway locations and dates visit

Sometimes I am embarrassed by the behaviors of the leaders that we hire/ elect but since this is their truth here goes. A few weeks ago I was asked to take on a community task and shed some light on a challenge that was taking place in my community that was not being spoken about by the leaders at City Hall. Upon questioning my representatives staff member, they stated, “they would get back to us at our next meeting”. Well, the next meeting was not for 30 plus days and things can move fast or slow at City Hall depending on the who and the what. Here’s the thing public servants should bring challenges to our attention and stay on top of it until it is resolved, that is what we hire/ elect them to do. We should not have to go to them and ask questions about what they were solely hired/ elected to take care of.

However when I began to work on the challenge and trying to create more awareness and community feedback I only reached out to two city leaders. But was contacted by several and sent statements by others and of course if there were to be a press conference all wanted to be a part of it, but neither offered to call a press conference or even share the findings with the community, themselves. This is a problem…. because I feel that they should have shared all information with the community that they represent instead of waiting to see what the residents do or do not do. What we do is work jobs so that we can pay taxes which pays their salaries so that they can do what they promised during campaign season. It seems once we hire/ elect them they go on a City Hall Boot Camp and are taught to HATE us and totally disrespect our wishes. Plain and simple some people are not meant to be community servants or leaders. Most come into these positions and negate their platform and then there are some who do not know how to serve, do not care to learn, and will not spend time with their constituency to learn what is wanted, needed and what is already working in those particular communities.

I read Stacey Abrams, plan for Georgia, I trust her and know she will be a GREAT governor for Georgia, the governor we need and deserve, read her plan @staceyabrams. I am a fan and posted her campaign sign in my yard within moments of her announcing her campaign run for Georgia’s governor, I saved my sign from 2018.


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