Clean Energy, Do You Know What It Is And How To Achieve It???

The City Of Atlanta is on a mission to operate on 100% Clean Energy by 2035, which is great however we would have needed to begin over 20 years ago. But all is not lost and there are many ways to achieve cleaner energy than what we are using presently if we begin NOW. Visit CLEAN ENERGY ATLANTA to learn more and to find out what incentives and opportunities to help with making your homes clean energy ready. Also, here you can get a better understanding of how clean energy works and what we can do right now.

When our homes and businesses run efficiently that helps to create clean energy. Let’s start by getting to know our homes and how they work and if they are running efficiently by keeping warm air in and cold air out. Usually these are windows, doors, and roofing but crawl spaces attics are culprits for escaping air too. Get to know these types of clean energy resources, they are the most popular.

  • Solar Power
  • Wind Turbines
  • Fuel made of vegetables
  • Sunlight
  • Geothermal

The most southernly Neighborhood Planning Units in Atlanta that happen to be in communities of color are the most burden communities and consists of zip codes 30310, 11, 18 and 31. What this means is those residents pay more for their utilities about 9-11% of their income whereas Buckhead residents only spend 4% on their utilities. The culprit for this is the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC). These elected hires determine how much we pay for insurances, telecommunications, gas and fuel and all other utilities. many citizens do not pay attention to these elected positions and we do not weight out how much these positions make us pay for these services, but we must.

 All members on the Georgia PSC are REPUBLICANS and they do not serve all citizens well, equally nor do they care about what we want mainly because we do not pay close attention and vote on these public service positions, but we must. Scroll down to an older blog titled “Meet the Georgia PSC” and do your research on these elected hires and learn how they have not worked on behalf of all of their constituency. Not knowing these positions and who holds them we often times do not vote because we do not know and they are praying that we do not. But we are amazing and need to put this on our “To Do List” to be better informed.

Heck, you might realize that this is the perfect job for you and run for it and we invite you to do so. The primary was on May 24, 2022, and a primary runoff is scheduled for June 21, 2022. A general runoff election is scheduled for December 6, 2022. The filing deadline was March 11, 2022. District 2 which runs from Gwinnet to Laurens County and district 3 which consists of Fulton, Dekalb, Rockdale and Clayton Counties are on the ballot and where I live, work and play. Please visit,,_2022, to learn more about this election and better prepare yourself to be better informed about the candidates, how they have voted in the past and who funds their campaigns which will also give you an idea as to who they may or may not work for. Do your Due Diligence and vote for whoever you believe care about us The People and Clean Energy.

Meet the candidates…..

Shelia Edwards wins District 3 Public Service Commission race,

The incumbent, Fitz Johnson,

We must participate and ask for what we want.

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