Follow Up To, Thomas LaVone, Post.

Thomas LaVone, Atelier and business owner.

 TRO HEARING: Thomas Lavone, LLC, et al. v. Floshae at the Point, LLC, et al. (22cv365315).  TRO, Temporary Restraining Order are used as a  short-term injunction issued to prevent a party from taking a certain action until the court is able to issue a more enduring order, such as a preliminary injunction. TROs are a type of equitable remedy.

Floshae At The Point LLC had already taken the most aggressive action to erase Thomas LaVone LLC, from the Cascade business corridor because he asked her to make repairs and prevented them from installing a wet condensation line across the electrical box which is dangerous and without a permit. Floshea often uses its own people and rarely applies for permits from the city.

Floshea stated that they had placed all of Thomas LaVone’s property at the curb. However, that is not what the neighbors, fellow business owners, and supporters of LaVone and the business owners themselves witnessed.

Floshae used precedence called Regus to create their egregious contracts to move tenants out in 24 hours and confiscate their property. Rutgers has never been upheld in Georgia and it was new to the judge and to LaVone’s attorney. The judge is ready to move forward with the next stage of these court proceedings and as you see from the video above that Mr. Wesley, business manager for LaVone stated that this business is a whole total concept that took 20 years to create. Floshea tried to destroy these gentlemen’s hard work, but they failed. LaVone no longer wants the space and the judge agreed to move forward with the stated damages.

LaVone will prevail. Floshea operates off of grant funding ONLY…These crooks have no money to invest in our communities Floshea uses GOVERNMENT money which is the money that we pay in taxes. Anyone can apply with a good project and acquire those funds. Floshea was brought to our community to prey on us. Thomas LaVone, LLC your neighbors, customers, and friends are supporting you in whatever you choose to do, we are with you.



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  1. A few corrections We asked her to finish the repair of the electrical box, which she never got a permit to install and she also did not install it correctly, she ran a wet condense line across the electrical box that came from the HVac, this is dangerous. Her response was she will finish it and she never did. We also was asking to repair the flooding from the weep holes, she waved us off and walked away during the time of the flooding!

    It’s Regus not Rutgers

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