NPU-R, Held It’s Annual Elections…

All NPUs have their issues…

Last Wednesday night was a doozy that included a 3-hour meeting, which is designed to run the time down and force members to grow tired, bored, and leave and little community business gets done. Muting Madness, was the theme of the night, and how the meeting was run with a guarded tight fist. Voting did not begin until after 9 PM, and this meeting is scheduled for 90 minutes, which is very disrespectful of members’ time.

We were introduced to a triple ballot where if you vote for one candidate you vote for the entire executive committee slate, tricky huh??? So if you only want to cast your vote for one candidate you were forced to vote for all of the candidates whether you like them for the position or not. So confusing all members came to cast their vote for new leadership, 49 people were on the call and only four people voted.

Plain and simple, we must manage our employees and volunteers too. And hold them accountable for bad behavior and for being very bad actors.

Congratulations to Mr. Ben Howard, as the 2023 Secretary of NPUR.


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