Congratulations Senator Warnock And To The Georgia BOSSES That Worked Hard To Keep Our State Blue.

Senator Raphael Warnock wins a six-year term.

May the praise go to the 1.8 million people who came out early to make their voices heard. We sent Sen. Warnock back for a six-year term to do the business of the people. He has won several elections to get to this point and has shown us how a representative should work for his constituency, Great Job! Reverend, Raphael Warnock the first black Senator of Georgia as we remain blue and a democratic state that happens to have a republican governor who has many tricks (his cronies), up his sleeves, but this too shall pass.

When you vote for the best person to do the job you lessen the chances of chaos. We are still going through it but we now have a better footing for a solid future. Continue to vet and do your Due Diligence and vote for the person you feel will represent and fight for what We The People, want. Hit The Senator up @SenatorWarnock and


Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center
100 Alabama Street SW, Suite 3R8
Atlanta, GA 30303
(770) 694-7828 Fax: (770) 953-2678

Washington, D.C.

Russell Senate Office Building
Suite 388
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-3643

But please know, the margin was small, Sen. Warnock won by 2.5% points. That is not a large win. However, the DJ at Warnock’s party played “All I Do Is Win”, let’s keep it that way, BOSSES.

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