Follow Up To; Leah LaRue, Department of City Planning And The Need To Lean In…

Last month I wrote to City Hall regarding the chairs of NPU-R and Leah LaRue’s astounding ability to turn her head and allow the chairs of NPU-R to run amuck and offer no leadership to the members of NPU-R. I was told that DCP did not intend to levy me with so many responsibilities however they neglected, to tell me. It makes you wonder who is running DCP and NPU’s and exactly what kind of experience one should have to do these jobs and if they need to be able to work on behalf of everyone, not just some of the people.

The close-out was completed on my end as the fiscal agent and project manager and the remaining funds of $856.68 from the grant that was returned and will arrive at City Hall this week.

Below is how the NPU-R 2022 Community Grant was spent.

Despite the lack of leadership, we were able to accomplish a new set of ByLaws for 2023. A new logo and branding for NPU-R, (as pictured) and purchased branded merchandise to give to neighbors, organizations, and businesses. We created some great business opportunities by partnering with local businesses for Community Engagement Meet Ups, We launched ACE Warriors the Atlanta NPU’s, Teen Program, ACE Warriors Atlanta Clean Energy Youth Ambassadors, visit their page and see what our future leaders are doing to change the earth and Atlanta.

Most of the funds were spent on engaging the community and branded merchandise for the residents in NPUR neighborhoods. Come out participate and get involved with your NPU’s, No Matter, how poorly they are running. Typically this type of behavior is usually supported from the top down. Thank you to @coribush, I like how you show up.

Use your voice and skills, fearlessly to make the changes you want in your community, there will always be chaos when people and money are involved but there are ways to lessen that, too.



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