Happy New Year, Bosses!

Welcome to 2023, It is time to boss up and manage our elected hires and participate in our communities. If every citizen invested 90 minutes a month into their community, city, and government our country would be run for the people and by the people. Boss Up in 2023.

Former Mayor, Maynard Jackson’s Gift Of Legacy To The African American Residents Of Atlanta.

Former Atlanta, Mayor, Maynard Jackson 1938-2003.

NPUs were created in 1974 by then-Mayor Maynard Jackson. NPUs gave African Americans a voice in political decisions and cemented communities as a part of the building of Atlanta.

He Knew Some Would Be Selfish, Careless And Not Look Out For Others, Once In Power.

Atlanta’s Department of City Planning is working hard to undo former mayor Jacksons’ legacy to black residents of Atlanta, NPUs.

Let’s talk about Mayor, Maynard Jackson’s intent and why we should work hard to keep NPUs intact and not allow the city to dissect and merge with others. I would like to stay on this topic for a few weeks and to hear your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on the subject. Read this article by By¬†ROBERT ISAF, March 26, 2015,¬†Creative Loafing, https://creativeloafing.com/content-232252-neighborhoods—wither-the-npu.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” -Alice Walker

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