A Piece Of St. Louis’ Black History The Homer G. Phillips Hospital.

Homer Gilliam Phillips

Hello Bosses, it has been a minute, I have been recovering from Covid and watching everything Black History that’s streaming. I came across this little jewel and I had to share. Homer Phillips was born in Sadalia Mo. and attended Howard University where he became a lawyer. Once he returned home he founded the Citizens Liberty League which advocated civil rights for blacks and he was a republican before the first, New Deal which most Blacks were. Phillips led the charge in the building of the first black training hospital for nurses and doctors in America, which bears his name. https://www.stltoday.com/news/archives/a-look-back-the-day-homer-g-phillips-was-gunned-down-in-st-louis/article_5cbde89d-d490-5a90-9a25-79dcc80409c9.html

Homer G Phillips Hospital, was built in 1937 for $3 million. Story retrieved 2/13/23 and Photo credit, The National Museum Of African History & Culture.

The Color Of Medicine is the story of Phillips Hospital and Physicians Specialty Training a documentary streaming on Amazon Prime, Roku, Tubi, and Vudu for free.

This is a great story that will make you proud, think and ask why this continues to happen? Once again I have never read or researched a people more resilient, creative, savvy, or more beautiful than Black People.

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By Marianne Williamson

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