Your Biggest and Best Investment Will Always Be To Your Community.

Community is one of your most important investments. Always Be In The Know about your community. And reach out to your leaders, city council, the mayor and commissioners and tell them what you want, that is why you elected them which was really a HIRE. You hired them to work on your behalf but some will not unless you tell them what you want and hold them accountable.

Do you know all of your representatives? You should, their salary is paid out of your taxes and we pay them MORE than most of us earn at our jobs. Boss Up and manage your elected hires by contacting them by email. Better yet if you can do a better job run for their positions. Volunteer in your community and get to know the constituency base and what they need. We will see you and if you are doing the work and showing up, we will vote for you. We are desperate for good leaders. And when you are ready run for a position and it may take two cycles to get in but if you are ready to serve you will stick it out, get more involved, master, and achieve the role you have trained for.

No longer are we willing to sit back and have people come to us and tell us they want to represent us. Going forward, candidates will have to do the work in our communities before we give them our votes. Great leadership will be mandatory from now on. If we continue to hire elect poor leadership we will continue to have these same problems. I am sad to say that the fault is ours for not doing our Due Diligence, research, and discovery about candidates. We live in a society that keeps us bogged down with debt, bills, and poorly paying jobs so we do not have time to attend city council meetings at 2 PM in the afternoon and that is why they plan it for that time. #BOSSUPSWATL

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