Bosses We Need To Be More Intentional About Our Citizenry And 90 Minutes A Month, Will Get It Done.

As citizens, we must take responsibility for not managing the people we hire- elect to lead us. What manager hires an employee and does not train them? We the citizens of America do, this every year and our elected- hires count on it. We give people, we do not know and have not researched their past work history, and how they have voted and worked on behalf of their constituency. Many fail us and the others walk a thin line of voting with their council members or their constituency and that should never be an issue, concern or a problem.

Your participation is required in holding our elected hires responsible for their actions the good and especially the bad. We can absolutely fire them, never mind that it may take up to four years. We will have to begin mentoring our future leaders now. Since public schools lack a vigorous civic education curriculum purposely, we will not teach each other.

90 Minutes A Month, is how we do it. Let’s try a Social Experiment… By investing 90 Minutes A Month into participating in a city council meeting or a local community meeting. How about spending 45 minutes at each meeting, online. Also, you can send an email to all of your leaders monthly. Below are three links you can check out to reach your elected hires. We always want to keep in contact with them go ahead and save into your contacts. The outcome would be to create effective partnerships with our representatives to achieve the best for you and the other people they represent, fairly.

Here are the contacts for the Atlanta City Council, Georgia House of Representatives and Senate.

By investing 90 minutes a month into contacting your elected hires and telling them what your community, city, state and country wants, or by attending a city council meeting.
• “Empower yourself – spend just 90 minutes a month to manage your elected officials!”We can change the social and political trajectory of the country.
• Do you know that you are the BOSS of your elected hires and as citizen’s we must tell them what we want?
• Campaign season is actually the time for citizens to do our “Due Diligence” and research the people asking for our vote. Let’s do this, for sure.

Our Kick Off Date is Saturday, May 20th, Take 45 minutes on Malcolm X Birthday to Boss Up and manage your elected hires. Please Follow Up and tell us how you manage your elected hires or share other community advocacy information.

Please use these hashtags while supporting this campaign: #90MinutesAMonth #ManageYourElectedHires #EngagedVoters #ActiveCitizenship #HoldOfficialsAccountable #CitizenPower

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