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Ages 13–17-Year-Old, High School Students Who  Enjoy Science, Technology, Environmentalism, Arts, and Math.

Atlanta’s NPU Representatives on the Clean Energy Advisory Board are offering an environmental energy and arts program to increase teens’ knowledge of Atlanta’s plan to become energy efficient by 2035.

This immersive program will teach teens about clean energy, how to get it, share it, and sustain it. And then we will introduce our teens to some of Atlanta’s most prolific working artists to help them develop and refine their particular talents so that they can create art around Clean Energy and Social Justice for an art exhibit that will ask our teens to depict the social differences in the communities ”North Of 20”.

The Clean Energy Audit Link, many homes need to be retrofitted to create clean energy, let’s get started.

http://Energy Audit Inquiry



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The Next ACE Warrior Meet Up @ Oakland Activity Center for the Harriet Hike, JOIN US and WAWA at 11:00 AM.

This program is an amazing opportunity for teens to gain professional development skills and early career exploration in the Green Field, and clean energy justice WHILE ALSO fulfilling, high school community service requirements! 

The CEAB Youth Team is a dedicated 9 Month program that will expose and educate teens on clean energy through storytelling, creative media, and community engagement!

This program will need parental consent, be sure to have the parent/guardian complete this form.

Next session begins The deadline to submit an application is July 30, 2023, TEENS THAT LIVE IN NEIGHBORHOOD PLANNING UNITS (NPU) NPUH, NPUS, NPUR, NPUT, NPUX, and NPUZ.

Application Link

After the completion of your application, you should expect to hear back by August 10, 2023, about the next steps. If you have any questions or concerns, email Sheryl Brown at

Home Energy Audit Interest Form Link, Click & Share

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