Black Excellence Is Our Birthright And Its Like That and That’s Just The Way It Is, Huh…

Hello Bosses, I had the pleasure of watching a documentary on the best collection of black cinematography, “Is That Black Enough For You”, Blaxploitation movies saved Hollywood from bankruptcy and that is A Fact. Once you see this, you will be proud of who we aspire to be, everyday. The documentary starts from the beginning of black cinematography with the REAL “Oscar”, the incomparable producer, writer, and director, Oscar Micheaux.

Oscar Micheaux (1884–1951) was the most successful black independent filmmaker of the race-movie era. Micheaux wrote, directed, and produced approximately 40 films. A savvy businessman and promoter, he worked directly with theater owners to finance, distribute, and market his films. He explored taboo subjects such as lynching, interracial sex, religious hypocrisy, and color and class prejudice within the African American community. Click on this link for Micheaux’s bio,

Oscar Micheaux
Image courtesy John A. Ravage, Fair use

Black History is American History black people are the very best of America. We are the builders and the true architects, the fiber and the glue of this country, we are Pop Culture, with little effort. America does a lot to discourage us from the truth, that “We The People” are the BOSS of the people that we hire/elect to represent us. We are their BOSSES and we must Boss Up and Manage our employees. I hope you enjoy watching this documentary and that it inspires you and helps you to see our light, beauty, talents, and our strengths. I know why they are so jealous…

Let’s get back to former Mayor Maynard Jackson and John Calhoun’s plan for Atlanta residents and NPUs in my next post as we round out Black American History Month. Please read the attached NPU Profile that was created with growing black community wealth and prosperity in 1978, it was on his mind in his heart, and planned on our behalf, let’s keep his legacy intact. Link to NPU Profile,

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A Piece Of St. Louis’ Black History The Homer G. Phillips Hospital.

Homer Gilliam Phillips

Hello Bosses, it has been a minute, I have been recovering from Covid and watching everything Black History that’s streaming. I came across this little jewel and I had to share. Homer Phillips was born in Sadalia Mo. and attended Howard University where he became a lawyer. Once he returned home he founded the Citizens Liberty League which advocated civil rights for blacks and he was a republican before the first, New Deal which most Blacks were. Phillips led the charge in the building of the first black training hospital for nurses and doctors in America, which bears his name.

Homer G Phillips Hospital, was built in 1937 for $3 million. Story retrieved 2/13/23 and Photo credit, The National Museum Of African History & Culture.

The Color Of Medicine is the story of Phillips Hospital and Physicians Specialty Training a documentary streaming on Amazon Prime, Roku, Tubi, and Vudu for free.

This is a great story that will make you proud, think and ask why this continues to happen? Once again I have never read or researched a people more resilient, creative, savvy, or more beautiful than Black People.

BOSS UP & Manage Your Elected Hires.

By Marianne Williamson

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Community Activism and Engagement
Helping to build strong communities from within.