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This is what I have been doing in my community since 2011.

“BOSS UP” Civics Education is a right and to not be taught how our democracy works in our public schools is a serious form of Voter Suppression, GCV and Thrive PR, Atlanta is about to change all of that.

The Southwest Atlanta Young Environmentalist Group (SAYEG) is a youth mentoring program that is grounded in environmentalism and community service. Our mission is to train and support southwest Atlanta youth in creating new strategies for preserving and protecting historical communities from environmental injustices for a clean, green and lean future for all. Visit us at

About the SAYEG Program

The program engages youths 8 to 13 years of age from southwest Atlanta neighborhoods through environmental planning, testing, clean ups and other stewardship projects that are designed to help revitalize and sustain their communities and the world a more sustainable place to live. Adams Park, Cascade Springs Nature Preserve, Lionel Hampton Beecher Trail, Utoy Creek and it‘s many waterways. We partner with local scientists to help teach students proper environmental procedures, studies, preservation, sustainability projects and history. We also engage with community partners and stakeholders who help us better understand our ever-changing communities and how students can make the change they want to see in their neighborhoods by participating to develop environmental literacy and life skills that will help them make valuable contributions to the ecological health and leadership of their communities.

SAYEG Team Members ages 8 – 13 years old.

Cascade Business Consortium 2017 Round Table & 3G Summit.

2017 3G Roundtable, The CBC hosted a community Check In with community stakeholders, business owners, and residents and discovered ;
1. The crime on the corridor was getting increasingly worse and the businesses on the corridor were being held hostage while watching it all go, down.
2. Our youth ages 13 through 21 have very few organizations they can train with to bring out the skills needed to get jobs and retain them.

The 2017 3G Summit is where we came back to the community to discuss what the root problem was on the business corridor and how we created strategies for those particular challenges.

3. We created a Court Watch Team and a relationship with the DA’s office and began attending court cases that affected SW Atlanta. We read witness statements and spoke to the judge on behalf of our community. The judge replied with complete mandatory sentencing for breaking, entering, and assault in a senior community and warned him and his family who live in SW Atlanta to visit with him outside of our community or he would be arrested and returned to jail.

4. The CBC created a Civics Education workshop and taught it at local libraries aimed at 16 to 35-year-olds but found out so many people had been deprived of Civics Education that we continued to teach it to everyone.

My Neighbors and I at the 2017 3G Summit, Great Job Team, Thanks so much for all your hard work.

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The Adams Park Cultural Arts Festival is an annual event and I have been producing it for eleven years. Adams Park is a culturally Black American community located in southwest Atlanta. It is a country club community with a creek, lake, 18-hole golf course, swimming pool, splash pad, baseball fields, and pavilions with stone grills…. I could go on about this incredible park but think you should see it for yourself, Adams Park, 1620 DeLowe Dr. SW Atlanta GA. 30311.

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APCAFEST 2012 Artist Market
2017 APS Candidate Forum at APCAFEST

APCAFEST 2012 Flyer

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